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Full Version: [PAID] Self-taught Unity Systems Programmer - 7 years experience
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[Currently available for hire!]

Hey there, Mr./Ms. developer that is reading this! I'm Stephan and I want to help make your game a success!

I have 7+ years of self-taught Unity and C# experience. I take great pride in developing dynamic and versatile back-end systems, though I will also work on front-end features! I love working on new and unique ideas.

  • Backend Systems - Need an inventory system? Easy to use weapon system? Something else? I got you! Let me know what you need (or might someday need) and I will do my best to create a structure that is capable, future-proofed, and easy for you to use. The more details you can give me, the better. Code will be properly commented, and I'll answer future questions for no additional charge.
  • Project Streamlining & Organization - I can speed the development process through organizing project files and making small Unity tools to minimize repetition. You can expect this from my back-end systems too!
  • UI & UX Design - While I am no artist, I can make a functioning user interface that is intuitive to your players.
  • Git Source Control - It's the best!

My portfolio, games, and methods of contacting me, can all be viewed here:
However you can also just reply or send me a PM!

Time zone is PST, though I can adapt to be available when needed. Unfortunately, I cannot accept revenue sharing because I gotta eat, yaknow?
I hate charging for what isn't fair, and prices are negotiable.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck to your projects!
Bump! Still available! :)
Still looking! Changed post tag to [ONGOING]