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Full Version: 3D Artist - Modular Building Assets
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Hello everyone!

Looking for a side income? Then this might be right for you.

3D Artist with a focus on Structures and Buildings to join the team. We are working on a medieval fantasy themed RPG.

First job i need to get done, will be a modular system for structures including houses, towers, walls, gates, foundations and port.
Or in other words, small parts of buildings which can be put together in multiple ways to create all kinds of buildings and environment.
Semi realistic style.

This is an indie development team
There is no deadline
No payment in advance 
Every milestone will be split up in small portions which will be payed when finished.

1000 USD

More work available later on, so this may lead into a long term business relationship.

Interested? PM me with link to your portfolio.

Kind Regards
PMd you I think
Hey Animasola,

We might be able to help.
Get in touch:

Hey there,

Just sent you an email on our previous email thread.