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Survey for Indie Studios from GJF - on behalf of Lars Doucet.
Hi all,

I've been in touch with Lars Doucet, famous indie game blogger/twitterer/developer.

He's surveying the community ahead of a meeting with Valve, and would like to Survey game studios from Game Job Forum. This only includes studios (or individuals) who are at least registered and paid-up members of Steamworks, and ideally have some revenue from game sales.

Here is his explanation:

My name is Lars Doucet. I'm a game developer that regularly does surveys about how people feel about Valve and Steam. Then I present them to Valve. I've done this for several years now, and I know for a fact they read them (even Gabe). I do this in the faint but real hope of gaining some concessions for developers, focusing our voices into a tight beam and injecting them into the mothership and hoping for the best. Out of the 19 issues we raised in the last two surveys, we got real progress or resolution on 6-7 / 19 of them, depending on how you figure. There's been two significant recent developments: Valve changed their revenue share for those earning > $10 million (25%) and those earning > $50 million (20%), meanwhile Epic announced a competing store with 88% revenue share across the board. So please tell me what you think about Valve right now. Your replies are 100% anonymous and I collect no personally identifying information.

And the link:

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