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[PAID] Orchestral Video Game Music | Jonathan Shaw
Hi there folks!

I have just finished setting up a brand new commissions page on my website and thought there may be some interested game developers roaming across these forums looking for professional orchestral music!

All of the details and examples can be found here:

But in summary:


Rates are by per minute of composed music.
As of 1st April 2019

General Themes - £50 per minute
E.g. Villages, Towns, Conversations, Dungeons, Emotions, etc.

Combat Themes - £65 per minute
E.g. Battles, Bosses, Escape, Intensity, Danger, Fast, etc.

Title Themes - £60 per minute
E.g. Main Theme

Trailer Music - £70 per minute
E.g. A unique trailer track outside of re-using existing tracks


With each track you'll get a computer-generated recording in a format of your choosing (if the track is loopable, it will be looped seamlessly once), as well as regular previews of the work in progress and the option to give feedback and suggest small changes!

There are several optional additions available if you want some extra materials, such as the full score/sheet music, sound design for your game, a higher quality recording, etc. - all listed on the commissions page above!

Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or queries - and best of luck to your projects!
Just started releasing a free RPG video game orchestral music library with free .MP3 downloads, feel free to check it out!


[Image: yncWUrj.jpg]


In other news, looking for more work!

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