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[PAID] Freelance UI/UX Designer and 2D artist with 6+ years of experience
[Image: bccDeVK.png]

Hello everyone, I'm Himadri, a UI/UX designer with 6+ years of experience and I am currently available for paid work.

Rate: 15 - 20 USD / Hr. I can also work for a flat fee per project.

- UI/UX design, especially for video games [Desktop, mobile, Oculus VR]
- 2D game art: backgrounds, game elements, props, basic characters

Here's why you should hire me:
- No false claims- I understand the value of time, and only take on projects where I can ensure quality output
- Multi-platform experience - I've worked on games for mobile, PC and Oculus VR
- An in-depth knowledge of Unity and the game-development pipeline, I understand technical constraints and can work within them
- Can take care of the entire UI design process and work with minimal supervision
- I offer affordable rates and I'm comfortable working for hourly payment or a flat fee, depending on your requirements
- I have excellent English communication skills and can help you with GDDs or any other documentation [such as game manuals, FTUE etc.]


Please feel free to contact me via:
Skype & Email: or send me a private message.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

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