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Professional 2d/3d art team available for hire
Hello everyone,

We are QX art team available for art commissions! We make 2d character/ environment designs, 3d models, animations and VFX. 
All of our artists are quite experienced and great. And we are willing to take a small test before formal cooperation. 
You could find some of our past works on artstation or 3d models on sketchfab

Really hope to get long cooperation with great clients!

You could reach me by email:
                                 Skype: qewbgej

Many thanks,

[Image: lydia-qian-3.jpg?1473144614][Image: lydia-qian-6.jpg?1473144793][Image: lydia-qian-2a181b4b-0e47-49cd-8113-1825a...1473145245][Image: lydia-qian-e9424163-30a2-42a0-9a15-cf71b...1473145212][Image: lydia-qian-43438960-2bc5-43dd-8e72-0fd07...1473144598][Image: lydia-qian-g-1vi51a0-9dg-450o8-x.jpg?1476441167][Image: lydia-qx-.jpg?1482327305][Image: lydia-qian-b-v-w9l3zk-z-erz-3c022.jpg?1476342605][Image: lydia-qx-john.jpg?1492591341]
Don't hesitate to contact me! You will get quick turnaround!

[Image: lydia-qx-qq-20171026163529.jpg?1509006993]

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