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[PAID] 3D or 2D Artist needed
Hi! Off The Beaten Track is a young independent game development studio based in Kiel, Germany. Our games tend to be narrative and challenge the norm of what games are and can be. While we have mostly developed Point and Click adventures in the past, our next game will explore the emotional impact of a sudden health crisis on a young family. We are looking for collaborators who can bring this sensitive and emotional topic into the interactive medium and make the player feel strong and genuine emotions.

We're planning to extend our team this summer and are looking for 2D or 3D artists. Since the team is very small, you’ll be in charge of all sorts of art – characters, environments, animation, you name it. This comes with responsibilities, but also freedoms you won't likely get at bigger companies. The position is full-time and paid, but depends on the funding we'll be able to acquire. It would be great if you were open to help us with preparing a trailer/prototype before your employment starts.

All infos here:
Hey Jens! I've send you an email. Schoenen Gruss.

Thomas Pasieka

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