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[PAID] Unity Programmer
Hi! I'm Christoffer and I'm a remote working, generalist, Unity programmer, with a fondness for making game prototypes and short to medium cycle games. I am situated in the CET/CEST timezone(Sweden), which is roughly GMT/UTC +2.

I prefer working with an established idea. However, if I'm hired by you, I'd be more than happy to discuss and brainstorm your idea, thoughts and implementations of said idea.
I've got a keen sense of polish, which means that I can easily detect when something feels off or is not as good as it can be, and find ways to improve it.
I'm very fast at getting up to speed in new repositories. This makes me a good fit to be a one man programming strike team to quickly take care of a bug or a few tasks, or help a project with the last steps to get pushed out the door and get published.
I have no problem working alone or with a team.
My code is always self explanatory(if by chance that's not possible, documentation will tell the intended use).
My code is always thought through and has high performance.
I prefer to work on your project at a 25-50% work week.

2 years professional
3 years hobby

Specializations(most experience, but not limited to):
Both 2D & 3D
Unity 4 and up
SVN & Git

Examples of professional work:
Tank Headz
Acro Storm

Examples of hobby work: (older)
+ I have more unfinished prototypes that I can show upon request

I can work hourly, by milestones, by prototype(small to medium) or by project(small to medium).
My rates are always negotiable and situational, but consider the following values to be a baseline. I'd be happy to help you make a reasonable estimate of your project, and establishing which package would be the best one suited for you, according to my own rates.
I may be interested in rev-share, if the situation is right.

Hourly: 30$/h of programming

   Small(~1d):        300$
   Medium(~3d):    1200$
   Large(~5d):       3000$
Milestones are slightly more pricier than hourly pay because of potential maintenance, reasonable scope changes and otherwise unforeseen complications.

   Small(~1m):       5000$
   Medium(~3m):   25000$
Prototypes include reasonable directional changes, reasonable scope changes and some polish.

   Small(~1m):       10000$
   Medium(~3m):    50000$
Projects include, but are not limited to, directional changes, scope changes, polish, publishing and some maintenance.

If you wish to get in touch with me, you can do so via:
Discord:    Ryax#6960
Skype:      ryax33
On site:    PM/DM

Thank you for reading and considering me :) Have a great day!

Best regards,
Christoffer Warkentin

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