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[PAID] Will Make Music For Food
Hey there, my name is Tim, I am a composer who graduated uni with a BA in Composition & Theory and am looking for games that need their theme song/background music. I am personable and great to work with (I know that sounds pretentious, but I feel like this is not the place to throw out my resume's references). I am able to do Skype/Discord meetings to communicate revisions, criticisms and anything else the meetings are to be used for.

Check out my website ---> to get a quick synopsis of what I do, and who I am! My portfolio is currently on soundcloud ( where I have uploaded some of my previous video game soundtracks.
If you want a sample of my sound (a demo) you can email me at and I can have your demo sent to you within a couple hours of me seeing it. Anything after the initial demo will be contracted to ensure client/composer protection. I compose much faster than the average composer, while retaining quality tracks. Desired pay is 50-75 dollars per finalized minute of music made, but is negotiable depending on the needs of the game and the budget that is available. Please email me at if you want me to work for you!

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