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[PAID] CuDoS offering Programmer with 4 years C# professional Experience
CuDoS is a small studio who specialises in game development in Unity. We currently target Android and iOS developing small, hyper-casual games with intuitive design and sharp aesthetics.

In our short time being active, we have completed a contract and released a game from scratch showing that our process is of a high standard. If you would like to use our services you will have access to an organisation with years of experience working with multiple companies, providing high quality and well-documented code.

We believe in being transparent and honest with our clients, making sure they are not misleading at any stage of development. To help with this, we use our version of Agile to clearly structure the task and their time restraints to give a realistic process that can be achieved.

What we can offer currently is an Expert Unity Programmer with a skill set including:
  • Professional experience in C#
  • Worked in C++, Flash, LUA, JSON, SQL and PHP languages
  • Extensive experience in the Unity game engine
  • Experience in Version Control systems including Perforce and GIT in conjunction with Task Management tools such as Hansoft and Flyspray
  • Developed for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and PS4
  • Built Automated Testing and QA Build flows using TeamCity
For more information on our organisation, visit:

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to working with you.
CuDoS specialise in Unity Game Development
Visit us at for more info.

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